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Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy

Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy

Jazzy® Carbon

With carbon fiber technology, the Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair becomes your greatest travel companion.

You know Jazzy® for its industry-leading performance and quality. Now let’s talk about portability.

Jazzy® Carbon uses ultralight but exceptionally strong carbon fiber technology for its frame and a lightweight, reliable lithium-ion battery.

Travelers keep their Jazzy Carbon charged and standing by for spontaneous jet-setting adventures. They know it breezes through airport security, easily stows on the plane and gives them the mobility support they need to make the most of their travels.

Weighing in at a stunning 43.6 pounds, Jazzy Carbon still provides top speeds up to 3.7 mph with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Jazzy Carbon folds down in just a few quick motions, which makes it easier to transport in cars, planes and trains. But don’t let portability fool you. Jazzy Carbon has tall, terrain-dominating wheels and a front-end suspension system, plus a comfy seat cushion to sustain you through everything your busy day throws at you.

Maybe you’re taking a weekend trip to visit the grandkids, and they’ve got your Saturday booked with stops at all their favorite places.

Or maybe you and your pals are taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to an all-inclusive resort, and you don’t want to miss a single moment of it.

Jazzy Carbon gives you mobility and control to do it all.


Jazzy® Carbon Features:

  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Removable joystick for transporting with built in USB charger
  • Airline compliant lithium battery**
  • Front suspension for a smooth ride
  • Ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber frame specifically designed for traveling
  • Compact base easily folds and unfolds for easy transport in a few easy steps
  • Padded seat back with storage pocket and soft, removable seat cushion for all-day comfort
  • Free-wheel levers to easily disengage the brake allowing this lightweight power chair to be pushed like a manual chair
  • Included under-seat storage and adjustable lap belt
  • When folded 28.3"x12.2"x24"


Power® Chair Consumer Safety Guide

Power® Chair Consumer Safety Guide

More Information
Weight 1.000000
Prescription Required No
Product Condition N/A
Availability in stock
Shipping N/A
Quantity No
Manufacturer Pride Mobility
Brand Drive
Product Weight N/A
Size N/A
Length 37"
Width 24"
Included in Box N/A
Top Speed Up to 3.7 mph
Turning Radius 24"
Maximum Range Up to 9.3 miles
Operating Range N/A
Climbing Angle N/A
Ground Clearance 2"
Dimensions N/A
Seat To Floor Height 20.75"
Seat to Foot Deck N/A
Seat Type Material: Black, Foam
Seat Dimensions 17" x 17"
Motor N/A
Battery 25.2V 18 Ah Lithium ion or (1) 25.2 V 10.4 Ah Lithium-ion (travel battery)
Charger Off-board, 2-amp lithium-ion
Brake Type Dual Braking System, Regenerative and electromechanical
Drive Wheels 8.5" Solid
Front Wheels 7"
Rear Wheels n/a
Base Weight 39 lbs.
Battery Charger Off-board, 2-amp lithium-ion
Battery Weight 4 lbs.
Controller N/A
Casters N/A
Seat Weight N/A
Seat Depth N/A
Total Weight 43.6 lbs.
Weight Without Battery N/A
Heaviest Piece N/A
Warranty on Frame 1-year limited
Max Speed N/A
Warranty on Electrical Controller/Drive Train Components 1-year limited
Warranty on Batteries 1-year limited
Number of Wheels 4
Materials carbon fiber technology
Steering Type N/A
Recline % N/A
Maximum Speed Up to 3.7 mph
Headlight Option N/A
Bluetooth Capability N/A
Recharge Time N/A
Manufacturer Warranty 1-year limited
Extended Warranty 1-year limited
Please Note: N/A
Tax No Tax Class
  • Manufacturer:Pride Mobility
  • Brand:Drive
  • Color:Black
  • Length:37"
  • Width:24"
  • Weight Capacity Text:300 lbs.
  • Top Speed:Up to 3.7 mph
  • Turning Radius:24"
  • Maximum Range:Up to 9.3 miles
  • Ground Clearance:2"
  • Seat To Floor Height:20.75"
  • Seat Type:Material: Black, Foam
  • Seat Dimensions:17" x 17"
  • Battery:25.2V 18 Ah Lithium ion or (1) 25.2 V 10.4 Ah Lithium-ion (travel battery)
  • Charger:Off-board, 2-amp lithium-ion
  • Brake Type:Dual Braking System, Regenerative and electromechanical
  • Drive Wheels:8.5" Solid
  • Front Wheels:7"
  • Rear Wheels:n/a
  • Base Weight:39 lbs.
  • Battery Charger:Off-board, 2-amp lithium-ion
  • Battery Weight:4 lbs.
  • Total Weight:43.6 lbs.
  • Warranty on Frame:1-year limited
  • Warranty on Electrical Controller/Drive Train Components:1-year limited
  • Warranty on Batteries:1-year limited
  • Materials:carbon fiber technology
  • Maximum Speed:Up to 3.7 mph
  • Warranty:1-year limited
  • Extended Warranty:1-year limited
  • Tax:No Tax Class

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